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Kintamani's origin was from Bali, Indonesia. It is bold with clean and floral with beautiful sweetness flavoured. It is brew with pluger, filter and espresso.

This 100% washed Arabica is from the foothills of the Kintamani mountain ranges in the North-east of Bali. Kintamani is rich, smooth coffee with natural sweetness and floral notes.

Brazil Santos

Brazil is known the world over as one of the most prolific and dedicated of coffee producers. This selection from the Santos region in southern Brazil is easily the "softest" coffee we offer. As a result, this makes an excellent choice for those who enjoy milk and sugar in their cup. At its best as a drip coffee, it also makes for a delightful single-origin espresso with a pleasant cinnamon nuance and a great creama.

Uganda Bugisu AA

A high quality coffee from Uganda that is graded AA (the highest grade in the country) and double-sorted, a bold roast brings out the dark chocolate flavor while leaving subtle notes of prunes and spice.

Colombia Supremo

This coffee is what off-the-shelf brands are trying to emulate when they offer "100% Colombian" blends, and not one of them comes close to the quality of a fresh roasted Colombian Supremo bean. This classic artisan coffee is light roasted in small batches and displays a smooth yet complex body and a bright, sunny acidity. These large beans feature undertones of juicy lemons, brown sugar, and milk chocolate.

Mexico Finca Santa Elena

 At Santa Elena, quality is defined simply: excellent coffee. Santa Elena assures the excellence of its product by selecting only the best coffee cherries from the well-tended coffee trees. The green coffee, known at the farm as café de oro, or “gold coffee,” is handpicked and hand-selected and it is 100% organic.

Guatemalan Arabica

The special aromas of Guatemala coffee come from the intense rainy season between the beginning of May and October. A coffee that combines complex nuance such as smoke, spice, flowers, occasionally chocolate with acidity ranging from gently bright to austerely powerful.

Honduras Finca Santa Isabel

Santa Isabel is produced by Agrocafe in El Paraiso at 1,300-1,1400 masl. With loamy such as sandy oils, heights ranging between 1300 and 1400 meters above sea level. This coffee has sweet fruit aromatics with honey, almond, plum, pineapple, orange, chocolate and lemon lime.

Papua New Guinea Arabica Sigri A

Typically wet processed (washed), a fine New Guinea coffee is deeply dimensioned yet well-balanced, with mild and mellow yet broad flavors that provide a bright and clean taste - a classic, delicate sweetness complemented by an exotic, complex and fruity aroma.

Papua New Guinea Arabica Kindeng Peaberry

This coffee is able to mature slowly, which in turn creates a dense bean and a complex flavor profile. Savory, sweet, earthy, fruit punch, citrus, caramel, bright, clean, consistent, spicy, round body, very complex. It is fully washed after depulping and fermenting, then dried in the sun.

Ethiopia Sidamo (washed)

Enjoy sweet citrus aromatics and pleasing maple syrup-like body. The wild sweet lemon and floral tones round out into a smooth, clean finish. The washed Ethiopia Sidamo we tasted is characterized by well-defined and strong positive aromatic notes.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Tarrazu coffee is referred to as a "classically complete" coffee. A sweet aroma, aromatic complexity, full body, pleasant acidity and a delicate clean aftertaste with rich chocolate and nutty undertones.

Sumatra Mandheling

Mandheling is known as much for its smooth, full body as its rich and complex taste. Sumatra Mandheling tasting notes often describe it as earthly and intense with an herbal aroma. With just enough acidity to provide a vibrancy, Mandheling coffee often exhibits tones of sweet chocolate and licorice.


With a medium to smooth body, and a mild yet distinct acidity. Nicaraguan coffees reviews indicate it provides rich yet subtle flavors, balanced sweetness, with a nutty bouquet that often exhibits notes of vanilla.

Kenya AA

The high plateaus of Kenya produce coffee beans with a full body, and rich, strong, flavor with a very pleasant acidity. The fragrant aroma also has a floral tones, with a winey finish that also has citrus and berry overtones.
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